Truus van den Heuvel

beeldend kunstenaar

Commons of the world, 2016

Foto Luuk Huiskes

Commons of the world, 2016, detail

Foto Loukie Hoos

Open, 2016

White Whiffle, 2015

bamboo and cotton, 200x250x250 cm.


Boazum 2014, A triangle shaped structure of synthetic cones on hoops, connected by slats of acrylic glass, around 650x650x47 cm.

Copulas and Calices, 2013

The copula form is frequently used at the cemetery Brandenburg in de Bilt, The Netherlands. The roof of the central building and the pruned evergreens all have this form. In contrast with these dark, rigid, earth directed copulas, there are white, heaven directed calices that seem to be floating in the air.

Foto Hein Visser

Barbara’s Heart 2012

paper, 380x590x230 cm, installation LekArt 2012

Rhomb in the Air, 2012

Paper, 150x300x520 cm, Ars et Mathesis seminar, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Open Heart, 2015

Foto Luuk Huiskes.

Light, 2011

Foto Hein Visser

Diagonal, 2011

Foto Frank van den Ham